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professional teeth whitening

Smile Whitening
Professional At-home Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening is a safe and effective cosmetic dental treatment that can make dramatic changes to your smile. We offer custom dental trays for at-home application of professional teeth whitening gel. Wearing these trays for about 30 minutes a day will achieve a noticeable difference in tooth shade in 2-3 weeks. Take-home whitening trays are also easy and convenient to use for touch-ups to keep your smile looking bright.

Teeth whitening is the perfect complement to porcelain veneers and crowns and dental implant restorations to lighten the shade of the rest of your teeth for an overall brighter smile. We invite you to contact Montgomery Dental Arts to explore cosmetic dentistry and teeth whitening options.

New Patients!

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Professional vs. Store-bought Teeth Whitening Products

Your overall dental health should always be evaluated by a dentist before using any whitening product. We cannot recommend over-the-counter teeth whitening products as they vary greatly in amount of active ingredient as well as chemical composition.