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cosmetic dental bonding

Composite Bonding

Available in a variety of shades to match the color of your teeth, composite bonding materials are an economical approach for concealing minor flaws in front teeth, such as chipped edges, or spaces between teeth. Composite fillings may be also used to repair small areas of decay or damage on the chewing surfaces of back teeth.

Composite bonding materials are made of a plastic resin formulated specifically for use in dentistry. While not as durable or long-lasting as porcelain crowns and veneers, bonding requires very little tooth preparation or drilling.

Cosmetic Dentistry with Composite Bonding

Bonding is also a great way to make cosmetic decisions about your smile. We often temporarily place bonding materials to visually communicate and plan the shape, size and shade of porcelain restorations.

The Cosmetic Bonding process:

After the tooth is prepared with an etchant, mercury-free composite material is applied, shaped and smoothed using an adhesive technique, then activated with a special curing light. Many dental bonding procedures can be comfortably performed without anesthetic.

Making changes to your smile begins with a complete dental examination with our dentists. We invite you to Contact Montgomery Dental Arts to schedule an appointment.