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Root Canal Therapy

At Montgomery Dental Arts, our goal is to preserve oral health and maintain natural teeth whenever possible. Root canals are an excellent restorative procedure that may be performed when the nerve of a tooth becomes infected.

Rather than removing the tooth, the tooth can be treated, restored and saved.

Root canals are not ‘scary’ at all! They have an unfair reputation for being painful, and in fact, they can be very comfortable. Dental infection that precedes root canal therapy, however, can sometimes cause significant dental pain. Assisted by digital xrays, our dentists evaluate your oral health carefully during preventive examinations to look for signs of dental problems or gum (periodontal) infection and address issues as early as possible.

dental tooth root

What is a Root Canal?

Each tooth has a nerve and blood supply that resides inside the tooth walls and tiny canals within the tooth roots, hence ‘root canal’. A root canal is performed when a tooth nerve becomes infected as the result of extensive decay or trauma to the tooth.

During root canal therapy, your dentist will administer local anesthetic (similar to a tooth filling procedure). After the infected tissue is removed, the tooth is treated with medications to eliminate bacteria and then filled with a special material to seal the canals and help prevent further infection. Following the root canal, the tooth is restored with a dental crown for extra protection from breakage.

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